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Estate Planning Documents... To Notarize or Not to Notarize?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

When starting a family it is a smart idea to create a Living Revocable Trust that includes a Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, Deed of Trust, among other estate planning documents. Establishing a living trust can provide your family and beneficiaries financial, legal and tax protection. It ensures that your assets are handled in a manner of your choosing and in accordance to your wishes on behalf of your beneficiaries. Establishing a family trust can prevent your assets going to the court system and into probate which can be very costly and time consuming. A trust can also help minimize the tax burden that can occur when one passes away. Estate taxes and gift taxes can drain a significant portion of a trust's wealth. The establishment of a trust can greatly aid in keeping more assets in the hands of your loved ones and beneficiaries.

A notary public can assist in strengthening the foundation of your estate planning documents. Document notarization can provide a layer of fraud protection, add authenticity and clarity to your family's estate documents, and add a barrier of protection against potential disputes. Notarization of estate planning and trust documents by a notary near you can help when matters end of up in a court of law. A notary public provides the historical record of your documented plans in case issues arise after you are gone. It is always wise to ensure that your final wishes are stated in writing and validated by a licensed notary public that will verify your identity with your photo ID and attest to viewing and witnessing your documented wishes in person.

Having trusts notarized is not a legal requirement. It is however, a very affordable option that will help your family with the allocation of your assets and follow your instructions in adherence to your most important final wishes. If you elect to not notarize, the validity of your documents could come into question in the eyes of the court. The intended usefulness of your estate documents might be hampered if they are not notarized. Sensitive time frames could be impacted and cause unanticipated delays and unwanted long term legal costs. Often times financial institutions will not accept a document if it is lacking proper notarization by a state commissioned notary public.

Encinitas Mobile Notary is a notary public service that handles estate planning documents notarization. In addition to their already affordable mobile notary services, they are currently running a special promotion for customers requiring 4 or more notarized signatures. A $10 off discount is applied to the mobile notary travel fee to your city or North County San Diego neighborhood. Simply enter discount code EMN10 in the "Special Instructions" box of your appointment request form when you schedule a mobile notary appointment. If you schedule your appointment with them via phone, text or email just remember to mention the code during your notary appointment. For example, if you did a web search for mobile notary Carlsbad and had a family estate planning binder with 6 documents requiring notarization they would charge $15 for the 1st notarized signature and $10 for each additional signature. Since you need 4 or more signatures notarized you would qualify for the $10 off savings on the $30 mobile notary public travel fee to Carlsbad, California. Using the EMN10 discount code will subtract -$10 on the Carlsbad mobile notary travel rate or $10 off to Encinitas, Leucadia, Olivenhain, Rancho La Costa, Solana Beach, Cardiff By The Sea, San Elijo Hills, Lake San Marcos or wherever you are located in North County. Once your family estate planning documents are notarized you can put your mind at ease knowing your family trust has gained an added layer of protection in case you were to need it.


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